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This is all I can give you for now. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Readers have been begging for a book four, and I’m working on it. :) Tarafourbooks.boxes


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Awesome news! In celebration of the release of my new completed two- book fantasy saga, Dawn of the Dragon Queen,  ILoveVampireNovels and I are hosting an amazing giveaway, and all you have to do is go HERE to enter. Check out these amazing prizes!


  • Three winners get signed copies of both Dragon Song and Dragon Storm.
  • One winner gets a $25 Amazon gift card
  • One winner gets a $10 Amazon gift card
  • One winner gets a $5 Amazon gift card
  • Everyone wins a free download of my award-winning paranormal YA books, Whispers 1-3
So what are you waiting for? Go enter today, and thanks for being loyal readers!



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Thanks so much to my awesome readers for voting for Dragon Song for Readers’ Choice Best Fantasy Romance.  If you haven’t read Dragon Song yet, you can download it HERE on Kindle Unlimited. The conclusion to this epic love story is out on Kindle Unlimited now. Download Dragon Storm HERE. Thanks again, readers! I have a lot more in store for you for 2016, including three new Something More books, featuring Cesar Cruz, plus Eternally Yours Book Four, and the sequel to Curse of the Ice Dragon. Be on the lookout for the Say You Want Me cover reveal coming soon. :)


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Dragon Storm, the conclusion to Dragon Song, is now available to read early on Kindle and will be out in print in the next few weeks. The sale ends tonight, so download your copy HERE while it’s just .99. Tomorrow the price goes up to 3.99. I promise love, action, and fantasy with a historical setting, plus you get two romances for the price of one!


Book one in my Dawn of the Dragon Queen saga, Dragon Song, is up for best fantasy in the Readers Choice Awards, but it’s got some tough competition. Can I please count on you to vote? It only takes a few seconds of your time. Click HERE to vote. Third one down. Voting ends tonight at midnight, so please hurry! Thanks!

If you haven’t yet read Dragon Song, click HERE. These books are for 18+ readers, please.


<3 Tara




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Dragon Song is up for best fantasy in the Readers Choice Awards, but it’s got some very tough competition. It’s currently tied for first place, and the voting ends tomorrow. Can I please count on you to vote? It only takes a few seconds of your time. Click HERE to vote. Third one down. Voting ends December 26 at midnight, so please hurry! Thanks!

And if you haven’t downloaded your copy, I promise love, adventure, and dragons, all in a beautiful historical setting. What are you waiting for? Plus, Dragon Storm, book two, the conclusion to this epic fantasy, is available for  preorder at a special introductory price of .99. Price goes up to 3.99 December 26.


Thanks so much for your votes!



<3 Tara




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Have you read my Eternally Yours Series yet? I promise you’ll squee your pants laughing. Book one is a FREE download, and books two and three are Kindle Select.

Divine and Dateless, 2015 eFestival of Words, Best Romance

Damned and Desirable, 2014 Coffee Time Romance Book of the Year









As a special THANK YOU to readers who sign up for my newsletter (right hand corner of this blog) you will get a FREE download of Whispers, Books 1-3.





Dragon Storm is available for preorder at just .99 on Kindle until December 26, when the price goes up to 3.99. Get yours now!




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The ArcKnight Chronicles
Alexia Purdy
Coming Oct. 22nd
Don’t forget the Giveaway at the bottom! :)

The ArcKnight Chronicles (Books 1 & 2)
Ardent (The ArcKnight Chronicles #1)
MarkTier (The ArcKnight Chronicles #2)
Author: Alexia Purdy
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publish Date: Oct. 22nd, 2015
The ArcKnight Chronicles
(Books 1 & 2):
Vengeance is the only thing worth dying for. 


Only love can save you. 

Teaming up with a handsome shifter named Ephrem, the banished Princess Lilliana must find her stolen Ardent talisman before a sinister enemy uses it against both rival wolf pack strongholds. Thrown onto a path neither of them expected, they stumble across a third cell of supernatural shifters lurking in the city’s Outlands where tensions mount. These new strangers want nothing more than to disrupt the two royal strongholds, the ArcKnights and the MarkTiers, and reignite a long-forgotten feud from decades past.
In the treacherous City of Temple where supernaturals and humans intertwine, only the most cunning will survive.
Includes Books #1 & #2: Ardent & MarkTier Vengeance is the only thing worth dying for.


The ArcKnight Chronicles (Books 1 & 2):
Ardent (The ArcKnight Chronicles #1):
MarkTier (The ArcKnight Chronicles #2):
Enmity (The ArcKnight Chronicles #3)
Releases Dec. 8th, 2015:
“Well, you need to remember everything you’ve been told about the neutral area between strongholds. The Outlands of Temple are cursed. Yes, it’s a large city and thrumming with people, but it’s also a supernatural focal point. A vortex of some sort that attracts people. Normal and supernatural alike.”
I gulped. “So it rains here all the time. Why would anyone want to stay here?”
Ephrem rubbed his face, scratching his chin.
“Look, I don’t know how much they’ve told you, but like I said, it attracts people. It attracts all sorts of unsavory people too. That’s why it’s dangerous to go traipsing around this place at night. Actually, it’s not safe at any time. No one leaves willingly, either. This place is like… I don’t know… like the strongest magnet in the world. It draws you in, latches onto you and never lets go. People are warned to never come here. Only those of superior supernatural powers are ever able to break the hold it has over them.
I stared at him in horror. “What? Are you saying I’m stuck here?”
He frowned, letting his eyes drop down to his coffee as he added sugar and cream to it. Stirring furiously, he took a moment before answering me.
“Technically, yes.”
~Lily & Ephrem – The ArcKnight Chronicles
“My Lady, I cannot leave you here alone. It’s not safe.”
I whipped my eyes open and glared at him. “I told you I was banished. You can stop with the formalities and get. I don’t have time to waste on a pathetic royal guard. Especially a MarkTier. I’m okay on my own.”
“If you come with me, I know a safe place where you can get out of the rain and get warm.”
I laughed. It came out more hysterical than I intended, but I was not in a mood to keep it together any longer. The fact that he offered me any shelter at all, most likely his home, was gracious, yet the knowledge that it was most likely on ArcKnight territory made the offer even more bittersweet. I was banished not only from the royal ArcKnight palace but from lingering on any of the pack’s territories, which included a substantial chunk of the city.
I was truly alone now.
“You’d be punished for harboring a non-citizen… a traitor like me. I can’t. You know I can’t.”
He held out his hand. It glistened with water, for he was soaked to the bone, just like me. The cold rain didn’t affect him at all. I was the one shivering and on the verge of hypothermia, and yet he waited patiently.
“It’s beyond the ArcKnight border. I promise.” His eyes gleamed in the momentary moonlight sneaking past the storm clouds above. They were breathtaking and unusual. I’d never seen another shifter with eyes like his.
It may be beyond the ArcKnight stronghold, but they weren’t the only pack ruling the city.
“But the MarkTiers….”
“They have no jurisdiction there either.”
Staring at him in disbelief, I let my eyes linger on his for an eternal moment. His offer brought more questions to my mind than anything else. Even so, there was something there that held me in a trance and beckoned me to follow. Taken in by that hypnotizing cobalt sea, I reached out, accepted his hand and let him lead me through the murky city paths I’d never trodden, deeper into the unknown.
This place was now my new home, and it was nothing but strange and frightening.
But what choice did I have?

~Lily & Ephrem – The ArcKnight Chronicles

Author BIO:
Alexia Purdy
Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada – Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She is the award-winning author of the Reign of Blood series and A Dark Faerie Tale Series.
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Dragon Song is officially out! Today is the last day to get Dragon Song on Kindle at the low price of .99.



Dragon Song by Tara West

Duncan MacQuoid, dragonslayer, is no more. In his place is a tortured man seeking solace for his sins. One fateful night he finds a woman he believes will be his salvation. Little does he know, his love for her could be his final undoing.

Fiona Firesblood, dragon-shifter and noble queen, will stop at nothing to protect her child, even if it means she must sever the bond with her mate, Duncan MacQuoid, the one man she loves above all others, and the one man whose past could destroy them all.

Safina Firesblood, daughter of a cursed union between dragon and dragonslayer, has grown into a young woman, a powerful dragon princess in her own right. She’s given one chance at true love; will she risk the dragon queen’s wrath or resign herself to an eternity of sorrow?

Click HERE for your Kindle copy and HERE for print.


Also, please don’t forget to enter to win one of three signed copies at my Goodreads Giveaway.


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Isn’t it beautiful? Be looking for the conclusion to Fiona’s and Safina’s stories late December.  In the meantime, please pick up book one, Dragon Song on Kindle and in print and check out my Goodreads giveaway for another chance to win signed copies of book one!

Dragon Storm by Tara West:DragonStorm_TaraWest.web

A brave and troubled dragon-slayer searching for peace…
A beautiful and spirited dragon-shifter seeking revenge…
One grievous night of passion alters the course of their lives. Will five centuries of penance be enough to change their hearts? Or will their love perish in the tempest of bitterness and betrayal?
Cover art credits:

Photography by Marcus Ranum at

Original art by Maiarcita

Cover design by Renée
Tara West links:

Amazon author page







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index2Today is Dragon Song’s book birthday! To celebrate, I’m giving away signed print copies, two Amazon gift cards, and swag. Please stop by my blog tour hosting by Bewitching Book Tours (stops posted below) and my FB PARTY for a chance to win prizes. And remember that Dragon Song is just .99 on Kindle  but price goes back to 3.99 after today! Get your ebook copy HERE.


Stop by these blog tour spots for a chance to win an Amazon GC or signed books.

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Dragon Song Excerpt:

“Murderer!” She shoved him back with such force, he toppled from the bed in a tangle of furs.
“Fiona, ’tis me, Duncan,” he cried as he struggled to stand.
What had come over her? One moment they were caressing beneath the warm furs, and the next she had sprung from his bed, screaming like a banshee.
“I know who you are, MacQuoid. Dragonslayer!” She ended on a shrill sob before covering her face with her hands.
Duncan stood, kicking the furs to the side and reaching for her. “I am a dragonslayer no more, Fiona.”
“Why did you make love to me? You should have killed me like you did the rest of my kind.” She rushed through the flap of his tiny hut into the cool morning air.
Swearing under his breath, Duncan wrapped a fur around his waist and chased after her.
Surely they had both gone mad.
The morning was exceptionally cold, and Fiona wore not a stitch of clothes. A chill wind from the north whipped the heavy branches overhead into a frenzy. Autumn leaves danced around Fiona’s feet as she wept, kneeling beside a fallen oak.
The sharp edge of her suffering pierced the cavity of Duncan’s chest. He still did not understand how her emotions had been tethered to his own, but he did feel her pain, so keen he thought his heart would break from it.
“Fiona, you are mistaken. Come inside where ’tis warm,” he pleaded.
She looked up at him through tear-soaked eyes. “You killed my mother!” Her body shook with violent tremors. “You struck her with a spear, and she had never sought to harm mankind. Never!”
Duncan’s head spun and he felt weightless. Mouth agape, he stared at her, hoping his senses would return. And then the words from the she-dragon reverberated through his skull.
I have never sought to harm mankind. Never!
“’Twas a dragon I speared, not a human.” But even as he said the words, he knew ’twas a lie. That dragon had been no dumb beast. She was something more.
“She was my mother!” Fiona wailed. “She was kind and good and all I had left in the world.”
“Fiona,” Duncan struggled for words, knowing nothing he could say would ever bring back her mother. “Forgive me.” Stepping forward, he reached out, needing to touch her and soothe her pain.
“Do not touch me! Do not ever touch me!”
What happened next Duncan would not have believed had he not seen the she-dragon transform into a beautiful woman each night in his dreams.
But those were dreams, and the dragon hovering above him now was no fantasy, though just a moment before she had been his beautiful lass.
Panting like a wounded animal, she singed his hair with her fiery breath.
Duncan did not cower. He did not fear. They had shared a connection when he loved her beneath the light of the full moon. She would not harm him now.
He looked up into her amber eyes, which were the same as last night, only larger, sadder. ’Twas then he knew neither of them would come away from this unscathed. For her heart was shattered, and he did not know how he could live without her forgiveness.