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Fighting for Her Wolves is almost here!

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FightingForHerWolves-Final.smallFighting for Her Wolves is available on three platforms, but preorder now before the price goes up and I pull from Nook and iBooks and put it in KU on release day, July 9.

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Read below for a sample scene. Copyright, Tara West


When Sharon caught her eye and smiled, she quickly looked away, feeling as if a thousand tiny spiders were burrowing into her skin. Just one look from that woman, and she felt unclean. Sharon had to be a demon. When Roy launched into another sob story about Roy Senior, she pretended to be interested, but she was trying to probe Sharon’s mind. Soon words began to filter into her head.

What is it? a deep, dark voice asked.

That girl, Sharon answered.

They were speaking telepathically. 

She’s a beauty, the man’s words slithered across her senses like a serpent.

Sharon toyed with the rim of her margarita glass, covertly giving Annie more coy glances. She smells like a wolf, but she has too much human blood.

Maybe she is part human.

No. Shifters don’t mate with humans.

That was one thing she’d gotten wrong about the Amaroki. Good. The less she knew about Annie’s kind, the better.

You sure?

Don’t be an idiot. She abruptly sat back, removing her foot from his crotch. I’ve been in this dimension for four hundred years. I’ve never seen a wolf/human pairing.

Four hundred years! Holy shit. Sharon didn’t look older than thirty-five.

Sharon’s companion leaned toward her. What is she to them?

I don’t know, but she is being watched by those two wolves. Sharon inclined her head at Van and Tor, who were talking over drinks and four baskets of polished chicken wing bones, seemingly unaware of the two demons at the bar.

We have enough human slaves. The man latched onto Sharon’s wrist. Do not think about it, Balban. 

Balban? Was that Sharon’s demon name?

Sharon pouted. But she is so pretty, Aosoth.

The veins in his neck popped out. Those wolves are too protective of her.

Of course they are. Sharon—Balban—smiled venomously. She’s a delicious little virgin.

Aosoth rubbed sweat off his bald head. You smell her virginal blood?

I do.  Balban’s eyes practically rolled into the back of her head. It’s heavenly.

He mopped his face and head with a napkin. She’d fetch a high price, but she’s not worth the risk.

Oh, they never are. Balban’s demonic laughter rang in Annie’s ears. But this one is such a challenge. How can I resist?

Great Ancients! Fear solidified Annie’s veins to ice. This demon was willing to risk fighting shifters for her virginity? She had to get the fuck out of here. Her attention snapped to Roy, who was waving a hand in front of her face.

“So you’ll go?”

“Yes,” she absently answered, unaware of what Roy was asking her. She abruptly stood, smoothing invisible wrinkles down her pants. She felt the demon bitch’s eyes boring holes through her skin. “I’m ready to leave.”

“We haven’t even ordered yet,” Roy said.

She dug into her purse and threw ten dollars on the table, enough for Roy’s one beer. “I want to go, Roy. Now.”

He frowned at the money but didn’t object to her paying. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she lied. “I-I don’t feel well.”

She waved at Tor and Van, who also stood. Tor arched an inquisitive brow, but she looked away, clutching her purse tightly.

She marched to the exit, pleased when Tor and Van followed. She just prayed the demons wouldn’t follow, too.

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