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Fighting for Her Wolves ebook and Divine and Dateless audio releases!

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Hey, readers. I have exciting news. Fighting for her Wolves releases July 9 and Divine and Dateless is now out in audio, narrated by the talented Hollie Jackson. I listened to the entire thing this weekend, and I am in LOVE with her narration of my characters. Please give it a listen. I promise you’ll fall in love with Grim and squee your pants with laughter.

Click below for a sample scene from Divine and Dateless.


Fighting for Her Wolves is on preorder for just .99, but price will go up to 3.99 after release. Preorder here:

Scroll down to read an UNEDITED, sample scene.

Fighting for Her Wolves, Hungry for Her Wolves, Book Five UNEDITED sample copyright Tara West.

Magnus stared down at his food while keeping only one hand on the table, the other stuffed in his pocket as if he was ashamed of his missing limb. Second Alpha Raine acted like the first alpha. He didn’t steal glances like his brothers. No, he gave her bold looks like he was undressing her with his eyes. It was quite unnerving, and maybe a little exciting. He’d been the one to greet her at the door and hold out her chair before she sat down.

Jax had a feral look about him like all betas, but he also had a subtle, sweet smile. His dark hair was buzzed short, like an Army tracker, but from what she’d heard, he’d followed Vidar’s orders and had never enlisted in the military. She couldn’t help but wonder if he’d cut his hair short to defy his father. Frey had this deer-in-the-headlights look whenever she caught him staring at her. He also had the typical gamma baby face, with squeezable cheeks and an infectious smile. She’d smiled at him a few times, and was rewarded with a goofy grin and flame-red cheeks.

How badly she’d wanted to pop into her mates’ heads, but she’d been too terrified to try. What if she heard something she didn’t like? Besides, she knew it was an invasion of their privacy. She’d hear their thoughts soon enough after their mating. If she ever mated with them.

“So, Annie,” Vidar slurred as he sloshed his mixed drink all over the table. “Rumor is that you killed a human. Is this true?”

Wow. So he was finally addressing her? He hadn’t said two words to her since she’d sat down at the table, and now he wanted to talk about the time she was forced to defend herself against a rapist? The way he smiled at her with a feral gleam in his eyes made her flesh crawl. She cleared her throat, refusing to be intimidated by the man. “Yes.”

He leaned into her, his eyes lighting like fireworks. “How did you do it?”

What a sick fuck. Did he really think she’d want to talk about something so traumatic? She set her fork down, folding her hands in front of her. “I really don’t like talking about it.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of.” Waving his drink in the air, he sloshed amber liquid down his arm. “If I could kill every damn human on this planet, I would.”

She eyed him coolly. “My brother is human.”

“I know.” He shrugged, flashing a fanged grin. “So, how’d you do it?”

Her spine stiffened, her veins turning to icy sludge. “I’ve already said I don’t want to talk about it.” She shuddered at the memory of the taste of Gus’s coppery blood filling her mouth when she’d shifted into a wolf, biting down on his neck. She hadn’t meant to kill him, but the big, drunk bartender had nearly knocked her unconscious when he’d thrown her against the table and torn off her clothes. Instinct had taken over, and she’d reacted as a trapped, feral wolf.

His smile faded as he leaned toward her, his eyes shifting from brown to gold. “You realize I’m the fucking chieftain, don’t you?”

Tor and Van both growled until Vidar leaned back, his eyes turning back to brown.

Even though her heart was racing, she forced a note of indifference into her voice. “I know what you are.”

Stupid fucking cunt! Vidar’s virulent words smacked her like a frying pan to the head. Vidar grabbed his steak knife, a look of pure murder in his eyes when he growled at her.

Wow. What a dick! No fucking way was she breeding with this asshat’s sons.

Tor threw a protective arm in front of her, his voice a low, ominous rumble. “Put down the knife, Vidar.”

“Father, did you see beef prices have gone up?” Raine asked, in a voice so upbeat, it had to be forced.

She eyed Raine, who paid her no heed as he stared down his father. Though she was grateful for the second alpha’s intervention, she wondered why his alpha brother didn’t intervene as well.

“Shut up,” Vidar slurred toward his son before pointing the knife at her once more. “You’re a mouthy bitch.” And you need to be taught respect, his thought projected into her head.

When Vidar glared at her, it was as if a thousand tiny spiders were crawling across her skin. Teach her respect? How about she teach the asshole some manners?

Tor’s growl was eclipsed by Raine’s roar, his eyes shifting and his nose lengthening as he jumped up and drove his steak knife into the table beside his belligerent father.

Vidar wrapped his fingers around the wooden handle of Raine’s knife, jerking it out of the table. “Stand down, son,” he whispered.

Annie shivered. In that whisper, she felt the force of Vidar’s ominous threat in the marrow of her bones. For some reason, she was more terrified of Vidar’s threats to her mates than to her. The hair stood up on the back of her neck, and her protective instinct roared to life.

Refusing to stand down, Raine picked up another knife, chest heaving, the scar that ran across his cheek turning from a pale white to a pulsing red while he glared at his father.

When Vidar pushed back his chair, Annie knew she had to act.

“I ripped his goddamn throat out.” She jumped to her feet, pointing her fork at Vidar’s chest. “Call me a bitch again, and I’ll show you how I did it.”

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