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Say You Want Me cover reveal!

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For those of you who’ve loved Say When, I have some exciting news. As you may remember, Andrés Cruz had several hot cousins. This is Cesar’s story, (releasing July 18 on all channels) and I hope you like it. Expect two more books in this series coming this fall. For my Divine and Dateless fans, don’t worry, I’m planning a book five early 2017. :)

Say You Want Me by Tara West

I want Cesar Cruz. God, how I want him. And he’s made it no secret he desires me. I can’t handle another heartbreak, one more haunting memory that threatens my sanity. What I need is to feel wanted by a man who will love me unconditionally and forever, a man who will be patient and loving, not apathetic and abusive.

What will happen if I give in to temptation and spend one night in his arms? Will he want more? Will I? Whether I say yes or no, I fear I’ll suffer regret, but as my need for him grows stronger, I may not have a choice. I only pray he will be gentle with me and my heart.





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